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  • C40 TAM56336 RC KING HAULER 1:14 (RC KING HAULER 1:14)
    This is a special edition of Item 56301 King Hauler, which was the first in the Tamiya series of 1/14 scale Tractor Trucks. The King Hauler was first introduced in 1993 and has been a favourite among R/C enthusiasts for many years. The body parts of this edition kit come pre-painted in Metallic Black straight from the factory floor.

    Tamiya's Tractor Truck Series come with authentic suspension with leaf springs. Power is provided by a 540-size front mounted motor, and 3-speed gear changes are possible via a 4-channel transmitter. Tamiya's Tractor Trucks may be connected to separately-sold semi-trailers.

    Black Finished Body

    Finished Body only available in kit.
    Replacement unfinished replacements available.
    When reproducing the black colour on the unpainted parts, apply a base-coat of black (TS-14), then overcoat with metallic black (TS-40).


    Scale : 1/14
    Construction type : assembly kit
    Terrain use : on-road
    Drive-train : 4WD
    Drive type : 3-speed
    Drive line : dog bone
    Differential type : gear
    Suspension : leaf spring
    Steering mechanism : bell-crank
    Shock damper : friction damper
    Shock damper material : aluminium
    Tire type : rubber
    Tire tread : radial
    Body material : ABS Plastic
    Chassis material : aluminium & plastic
    Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
    ESC model : n/a
    LED Light buckets : yes
    LED lights : no
    Motor : 540-brushed type
    Bearings : metal bushings
    Adjustable camber : fixed
    Adjustable toe angles : fixed
    Adjustable ground clearance : fixed
    Adjustable gear ratio : 3-speed transmission
    Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
    Adjustable track width : fixed
    Adjustable shock angle : fixed
    Special feature 1 : Body and P parts are replaced with pre-painted Metallic Black parts.
    Special feature 2 : Length: 600mm, Width: 180mm, Height: 255mm.
    Special feature 3 : Coupler is included to enable connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
    Requires A : 4-channel radio gear
    Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
    Requires C : electronic speed control
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